Should You Sell Your Motorcycle In The Winter?

Should You Sell Your Motorcycle In The Winter?

That time of the year is back again, the dark days of winter. Sure the holidays are wonderful, but it also means the majority of the country will be frosted over until springtime. When the days are short and the weather is cold, most motorcycles go into hibernation.

If for whatever reason you’ve decided to sell your motorcycle, you may be wondering about the prospect of trying to sell it over the winter. If it’s worth it to start trying to sell immediately, or just wait it out until the weather thaws. We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of putting your motorcycle on the market during the winter season.


Potential To Sell Quick

With the drop in demand during the winter, your asking price is probably going to have to reflect that. On the up side, lowering your price can lead to a potential sale happening much quicker. Buyers looking for a good deal at off season prices can definitely be a motivator for putting your bike on the market.

Be sure to advertise this drop in price to make it more appealing to anyone looking at your motorcycle. Make it a deal that potential buyers won’t be able to pass up!

Have More Cash For The Upcoming Season

Selling your motorcycle can be a great way to put cash in your pocket. The best part about unloading your current motorcycle? Having the cash to put towards your next motorcycle! If you put your bike for sale during the off months, by the time the season rolls around you can have cash in hand ready to take it on.


Slow Market

We’ll start with the obvious, the winter is the slowest season in the motorcycle industry. Most of the country is virtually incapable for riding during the coldest part of the year. Motorcycles are just not on most people’s mind around this time of year.

Lack Of Urgency For Buyers

Let’s be real, it’s probably going to be difficult to convince people to buy a motorcycle when they will have to wait weeks or even months before they can enjoy it. Getting people excited about something they’ll have to wait to enjoy is tricky, but not impossible.

You may have to go the extra mile to get your bike noticed, so try to make your listing as appealing as possible. Take the time to make sure your listing is doing everything it can to bring in potential buyers.

To Sell Or Not To Sell

It’s ultimately up to you. If you need to sell your bike as soon as possible, it’s probably worth putting the bike on the market even during the slow season. You may have to accept that you’ll be making less money on it than if you were selling during peak season. However, there is always a chance that you will catch the eye of someone looking for a deal.

Do you have experience selling during the off-season? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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