5 Reasons Motorcycle Dealers Should Join Threads

The Scoop on Threads

Threads is one of the newest social media and social networking apps, operated by Meta Platforms (the parent company of Facebook).

Threads was launched on July 5th, 2023, as a Twitter (or X) rival. It surpassed 1 million users within one hour of its launch. The app then reached 10 million downloads within seven hours. Currently, it has 120 million users.

According to ThinkImpact, the United States accounts for 16% of Threads users. India (33%) and Brazil (22%) take the top two spots. Some data shows that 7% of Americans have a Threads account.

Reasons Motorcycle Dealers Should Use Threads

First Mover Advantage

Being one of the first dealerships to start using Threads gives you the opportunity and advantage to gain lead on your competitors. It is easier to attract followers because the space is less crowded with other companies vying for their attention. The content you post has a better probability of standing out because there is less content being published by other brands.

You also have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with your followers. Threads is a brand new app and everyone using it is new. Users are eager to connect and interact with other users, including the brands they love. If you feel that Facebook is too toxic and Twitter too cluttered, Threads may be a great option for you. You can start fresh.

One of the really cool features of Threads is that it allows users to automatically follow everyone they follow on Instagram. This means that your Instagram followers will most likely follow you on Threads, if you’re there. If you’re not there, you’ll miss out.

This is one of the rare opportunities where you can try something new before big money brands swoop in. At the time we’re writing this, some huge motorcycle brands, such as Harley-Davidson (USA), Kawasaki (USA) and BMW Motorrad (USA), still have not joined Threads. They’ll probably join soon. But, until then, you have an opportunity to dip your toes first.

Even if it’s not clear whether or not Threads has staying power, it’s better to get an early start. If you wait until it’s extremely popular, it may be too late to join. At the very best, you will have to work extra hard to catch up.

Opportunity to Reach Younger Riders

According to the preliminary data, 28% of Threads users are 23-25 years old. If you’re currently trying to attract more Gen Z riders, here is your chance.

This demographic group is being courted by so many brands. Everyone wants their attention, money and loyalty, which is overwhelming for everyone involved. Since Threads is still a bit of an unexplored frontier, it is easier to reach this group of young shoppers there.

Simplicity and Less Clutter. No Ads!

Because Threads is new and has few features, it’s easier to get one’s message across. Yes, you still have to post content that will appeal to your target audience, but the likelihood of it being seen is a lot higher than on other platforms.

Unlike Facebook and other more seasoned social media platforms, you don’t have to pay to “boost” your content. It is organically shown to your followers. This aspect of Threads reminds us of the good old Facebook days, when everyone saw our content and the algorithm was not playing games.

At this time, Threads also doesn’t have annoying ads. This will most likely change in the future. But, for now, none of the content is sponsored. Overall, the experience feels a lot more organic and less cluttered.

Less clutter also makes it easier to attract followers on Threads and build your follower base. If your dealership started using Facebook ten years ago, you probably remember how easy it was to get followers back then. Now, it’s almost impossible, unless you pay Facebook to promote your Page or content.

Fun and Novelty

If you’re experiencing social media fatigue, you’re not alone. All of us are feeling it, especially on the professional side of using social media. The relentless drive to create “engaging” content that will trick the algorithm to serve it to our followers is exhausting. It also often feels defeating because the algorithm is difficult to please, unless you pay.

Threads offers a reprieve from the relentless hustle to trick the algorithm or pay to boost content. Since it doesn’t have too many features or paid ads, it’s novel and fun. Everyone is still exploring it, trying to find their people and overall testing its potential. This makes it more experimental and fun.

Threads can be seen as people’s and brands’ refuge from other social media platforms. It is the place where we all go to have regular conversations and share the things we love. If you want to start over or try something new, Threads may be a great place for you.

Undefined and Open to Interpretation

As with most new things, those who arrive first get to define the experience. The same applies to Threads. If you’re one of the first brands to join, you have the opportunity to set the tone for interactions with your target audience. You don’t have to do what other brands are doing because most of those brands are not even present. You showed up to the party before them.

Threads is a great platform for sharing experimental content. The stakes are a lot lower because you’re in uncharted social media territory. At this time, there are not many (if any) motorcycle brands who have solidified how Threads should be used. Everyone is trying it out to find out what will come out of it. You should too.

If you’re looking for advice, we’d tell you to keep it simple. Don’t overthink it. The most important part is to be yourself and share content that shows people what life is like at your dealership.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to give Threads a try, you can follow these steps:

  1. If you don’t have an Instagram account, create one. You’ll need it to join Threads.
  2. If you have an Instagram account, skip Step 1 and download the Threads app from your app store.
  3. Open the downloaded Threads app and follow the signup instructions.
  4. That’s it! You’re ready to start posting.

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